Meter Asset Management

Although they are closely related, Meter Data Management Systems should not be confused with Meter Asset Management Systems. These systems share a fair amount of common information but they play very different roles with very different needs.

A Meter Data Management system is all about consumption data at the service point. The system must of course know which meters are associated with a service point , but the key metrics being tracked deal with usage and activity, not the actual installed meters.

Conversely, a Meter Asset Management system, or more correctly a Metering Device Management system, is all about the meters, instrumentation transformers, communication devices and other device that make up the metering system. In this case, the key metrics being tracked deal with the performance of the metering devices, as well as the location, both specially in GIS terms and within the reticulation network.

MOL has an integrated Meter Device Management System that effectively tracks all information about meter assets, including test results and other indications of performance, device associations, and cradle to grave location.