Municipal Sector

MOL includes a state-of-the-art consumer engagement solution that educates consumers and motivates them to take action to conserve energy. Accurate, real-time access to cost, usage, and environmental impact information allows customers to make better energy and water decisions. Functionality in MOL is modular, so features can be implemented and configured to meet a Utility's specific goals.

MOL allows utilities to:

  • Provide customers with an easy-to-use, data rich energy portal.
  • MOL allows utilities to provide individual customers access to relevant, up-to-date information regarding their electricity, water, and gas usage and costs.
  • Clearly relate cost and usage. Usage is presented in the context of a user’s rate structure, helping users understand how usage drives costs and better manage their energy bill.
  • Shift load through customer involvement. MOL uses "what if" pricing, demand response, and behavioural activation drivers such as tariff comparison to flatted load curves. Utilities can therefore better manage supply-side generation and minimise maximum demand.
  • Connect with consumers through multiple channels. MOL enables consumers to track both their usage and associated costs - down to half-hourly intervals – online, via mobile device or email, encouraging them to learn about and engage in energy conservation.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. MOL enables end-users to easily obtain information to better understand their consumption, thereby reducing the number of calls and complaints utilities receive. In turn, utilities lower customer support costs.
  • Promote Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing. Users can analyse the cost impact of their usage patterns when Time-of-Use and event-based rates are available. Using the tariff comparison tool, consumers are encouraged to consider time-based pricing programs to reduce costs.