Industrial Sector

Detecting opportunities for increased energy efficiency in the industrial sector requires deep insight into process. MOL has advanced system monitoring tools that allow for sub-metering across plants to gauge performance of compressors, pumps, boilers, cooling towers and other operating equipment. It is a highly flexible solution that integrates information from any meter brand or model.

Proactive management and immediate potential damage detection is essential to optimal industrial plant operation. MOL's customisable alerts system detects overuse or malfunction per defined parameters and automatically notifies individuals or groups of individuals by e-mail or SMS. Its advanced analytics tools enable energy professionals to define variables, benchmark base load usage and set EPIs to evaluate performance and identify process optimisation opportunities. MOL has extensive reporting functionality that can generate graphics-embedded reports that validate the ROI of project recommendations before and after implementation.

Here are some of features of MOL that help those responsible for energy savings in the industrial sector:

  • Cost allocation
  • Cost discrimination by product, process or department
  • Overload detection and load penalty avoidance
  • Energy consumption analysis by sectors, line or process
  • Benchmarking and assessment of different technologies
  • Quantifying energy savings
  • Electricity quality verification
  • Customisable parameter to measure process efficiency