Interval data billing

The application of Interval Billing Determinants provides all of the functionality offered in old fashioned Register Billing applications plus additional support for Advanced Billing Determinants that can only be calculated from interval data.

MOL customers lead the way in the usage of interval data for time-of-use (TOU) or other dynamic pricing programs. MOL was first used as an advanced metering platform for automatically reading and processing interval data to produce TOU bills by the City of Ekurhuleni (a major metropolitan city situated in South Africa's manufacturing heartland) in 1998.

Support for complex pricing structures

Billing on interval data (rather than a single monthly read), affords the opportunity for our customers to offer more complex rate structures and to be able to change these structures as required without re-programming or reconfiguring meters. Having usage data in fine increments over the course of a day allows complex pricing structures and rebate programs to be put into place. MOL Interval Billing application supports the calculation of the billing determinants to support new pricing programs.

MOL provides seamless integration with CIS & Billing Applications on flexible billing cycle dates. It can also deliver the same information upon request when special reads are required.

Support for asynchronous billing cycles

Most tariffs and rate plans are based exactly on calendar months, but bills often have to be run for billing cycles that are not synchronised with these tariffs. MOL calculates accurate and fair billing determinants for billing cycles that straddle standard utility tariffs - even for seasonal or changes in tariff structures.

MOL Billing System