Conventional Metering

With the rising cost of energy worldwide and the imperatives of global warming, there is a need provide reliable delivery of electrical energy and it is becoming increasingly important to accurately measure and manage electricity consumption. This applies to all sectors of the market, from sphisticated high accuracy multifucntion meters for use in commercial and industrial applications to the humble, but equally important, single and three-phase domestic meters. PMT supplies a range of conventional electronic meters that satisfy the requirements of all the various sectors of the power generation and distribution industry.

Domestic and light commercial applications

The PowerLink range of meters manufactured for PMT by a subsidiary company in Malaysia are specifically designed to be cost effective replacements for electromechanical meters and are suitable for use in both domestic and light industrial or commercial applications. These meters are manufactured to the highest international standard IEC standards and exceed the accuracy and stability requirements for meters in this class. The design of these meters has deliberately been kept as simple as possible and they are therefore extremely reliable.

Commercial and Industrial Large Power Applications

PMT is very proud of our association with EDMI in Singapore. EDMI have established themselves as the premium designer and manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced electronic energy meters and metering systems in the world. They have an extensive range of products for use across all sectors of the electricity market where high accuracy metering is required in conjunction with advanced functionality and flexibility to meet the modern demands of the electricity supply industry.

All EDMI metering devices come with advanced measurement and Time of Use engines. Each product fully supports 4 Quadrant, Import / Export and individual phase and total energy calculations. The Time of Use system is both flexible and powerful. Each meter supports a minimum of 8 different rates (plus a unified rate), up to 200 programmable special days, Block or Rolling Maximum Demand and storage of a minimum of 13 previous period values.

Smart Metering

NES Smart Meters

PMT is proud to be a Value Added Resellers (VAR) for NES Corporation. NES develops, markets and supports the world's most proven, open standard, multi-application Energy Control Networking Platform. They are the undisputed world leaders in the field of smart metering. Their energy control networking platform connects more than 35 million homes, 300,000 smart buildings, 500 smart cities and 100 million devices to the smart grid every day with the highest levels of reliability. With more than 20 years of energy control networking experience, Echelon delivers a proven, open standard, multi-application platform capable of delivering a new level of energy efficiency and grid responsiveness needed by the world’s leading utilities, building owners, OEMs and municipalities.