Smart Prepayment

MOL Prepayment makes use of the latest cutting-edge technology and developments in the field of smart metering and Internet communications to put property owners in full control of the payment of electricity, water and other utility costs by their tenants.

Prepayment metering systems have been in use for decades, but have always been limited to residential applications where a simple single-rate tariff that is directly proportional to consumption the can be applied. MOL Prepayment is an advanced smart prepayment system specifically designed for commercial applications where tariffs are more complex and with maximum demand, network charges and time-of-use consumption.

In commercial buildings, tenants are often responsible not only for their own direct electricity and water consumption, but also for the consumption of common areas, shared air handling units, storage facilities, signage and so on. MOL Prepayment makes it easy to combine all of these into a single account and ensure that tenants prepay for these services along with their direct utility consumption. Their utility account is completely transparent with each charge listed and accounted for clearly and separately and there are no longer any unexplained charges or deductions, resulting in fewer complaints.

  • No more tenants running up high utility bills and skipping.
  • No more tenants disputing their bills after consumption.
  • No more expensive litigation to recover arrears from tenants.
  • Identify tenants with cash flow problems early on to avoid them running up high arrears.