Bill Verification

Complex utility bills are a challenge for every organisation. On a typical day accounting personnel in all industries are required to assess the validity of a utility bill without having the specialist knowledge required to understand the bill. Accounts are routinely paid to avoid pay late charges or risk having the supply shut off by the utility for non-payment without any read due diligence being performed.

We have a proven approach and billing verification process that is firmly anchored in our motto – “everything on the bill is considered wrong until the Meteringonline process and software prove it right!” Our service places a focus on both common and obscure billing issues:

  • Alternate utility rates, clauses, riders, and provisions
  • Contract oversight and opportunities.
  • Physical and arithmetic meter consolidations
  • Power factor improvement
  • Technology review.
  • Rates, tariffs and agreements.
  • Metering errors.
  • Quantity issues.
  • Tax application errors.

You don’t have to be a utilities expert to get better utility rates, spot billing errors or develop cost saving strategies. PMT's utility experts are at your disposal to do the leg work, analyse results and make sound recommendations to better manage and reduce your utility expendature.